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Scholarship Application Form 2014

Posted: Jul 02, 2014

We are committed to our scholarship programme which involves gifting two free places to designers at every event we do, helping a gifted young designer to launch a career as a designer maker. This means you pay nothing to be at our event and take 100% of your sales revenue.

If you are interested in being a Secret Emporium scholar for our 2015 festival tour you need to fill out THIS FORM

We are searching for super talented graduates (and non graduates) with bags of ideas about what they would like to make. This could be: jewellery, sunglasses, visors, clothing, accessories, illustrated goods, screen printed wares or art based food. Products with ethical or environmental considerations will be favoured.
The Prize! The winner will be gifted a scholarship place worth £500 to showcase and sell their work with Secret Emporium at one of our festivals. They will be profiled and promoted on Secret Emporium, as well as through the Festival promotional channels. A couple of runners up will also receive special recommendations and for the winner there will be the potential to become part of Secret Emporium in the future.

This is a great opportunity for talented young design graduates to kickstart a glittering career so we can't wait to hear from you! All we are looking for right now is some brilliant design ideas, the ambition to create wonderful things, and the desire to win and be a part of Secret Emporium this summer. Advice will be on hand to ensure those ideas become a reality, so don't delay: fill in the form below as soon as you can.

Every Summer Secret Emporium embarks on a tour of the best British festivals with a tent full of independent designers hand sourced and curated from a mix of graduates and more established labels. Each designer takes a 8ft x 6ft pitch and sells their fashion, jewellery, art or illustration to the crowds for 4 full days. It allows designers who are starting out and who perhaps don't have their label with stockists yet, who are doing things independently for themselves, the opportunity to access up to 30,000 people for sales. Designers get to interact with customers and benefit greatly from being juxtaposed with other designers experiencing the same trials and successes of this stage of their careers. Collaborations are born, ideas are shared but ultimately access to that many people thirsty for independent design results in sales and revenue allowing designers to financially support themselves.

// Secret Garden Party / 30,000,
(Cambridge) Young, fashionable and wild, eccentric crowd hungry to spend

// Wilderness / 30,000,
(Oxfordshire) Older, middle / upper class West London crowd with money and taste

// Somersault / 10,000
(Devon) Wealthy families, all ages, mostly on South West second holidays

// Festival No 6 / 20,000,
(Wales) Families and young professionals with money, arts and culture - in the most beautiful location

Stall design is an integral part of how we select and curate you. Before you apply please consider that you have the time and ability to be able to design and fabricate an original and eye catching stall. We will ask you for a design and talk through your ideas so please think about this.

Our first ever Scholar in 2010 - EA BURNS

If you are interested in being a Secret Emporium scholar for our 2014 festival tour you need to fill out THIS FORM

2012 Scholar Bestival - Tessa Metcalfe

2013 SGP Scholar Liora Lasalle

2013 SGP Scholar Margaux Clavel


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Apr 02, 2014

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Nov 14, 2013