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Posted: Jan 18, 2017

14 - 16 MAY 2017

// Pulse London 2017 - one of the largest trade shows in the world and the market leader for fashion and accessories - has invited us to be a curatorial partner for a third year running in this year's show in Olympia, London.

// The HUGE NEWS for this year is our SE location has been MOVED... PULSE have placed us in the CENTRE of the show - See diagram below - this is HUGE NEWS as essentially it puts SE designers at the very heart of the show, pride of place and with a great big spotlight on your products.

Pulse is renowned for bringing together interesting and innovative designs and brands. It is the destination for buyers looking to place wholesale orders. It is the UK’s only trade event in the retail sector that offers the newest, most exclusive, directional and unique products, inspirational industry insight and cutting edge trend forecasts throughout the year.

// We will hand select and curate 20 designers into our exhibition space. These designers will be given the chance to exhibit their products in front of well known, leading retailers from UK and mainland Europe.

We will design and build a huge art installation - turning the identikit stall format on it’s head - to curate our large section of the trade show with Secret Emporium designers.

// Trade Shows are boring. It’s true. They are set out in identikit lines with identikit stalls and the products are often dull and uninspiring. But, these events are vital to increasing your business, stockists, reach, reputation and bank balance.

We have been really impressed with Pulse’s approach within the industry. They have a large ‘Launchpad’ programme and are committed to bringing new, fresh and creative products from independent designers to the mainstream market which buyers cannot find elsewhere.

// This year Pulse is committed to head hunting even more independent sector buyers to the show and to heavily promoting Secret Emporium’s presence at the show.

Pulse have offered us a hugely discounted price for SE designers as they fully understand the 'rock and a hard place’ mentality of small designers not being able to afford the one opportunity which will grow their business.

// Do you have what it takes to be one of the 20 jewellery and accessory designers that we will bring to the show?

For more information on the show and what you potentially could be part of, please see here:

// Contact us:

Notes: Each of our 20 designers will own their own space (approx. 2x3m) within the SE area and would be free to accept all wholesale offers (SE does not get involved with / or take a portion of this in any way).

One We Made Earlier showing us all how its done at the SE curation of Pulse 2016

Dark Horse Ornament showing their 2016 collection in balanced perfection at the SE curation for Pulse 2016

The last 2 years we have been at the back of the show - which has served us well.... Our new central position is going to see even more focus on the designers and even more buyers... which of course equals wholesale orders!


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